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Sicily, Italy


“Sicily-Home” real estate agency works in Sicily. We offer various services to our customers: from finding the home for you up to checking and verifying all necessary documents. In addition, our staff is able to manage any renovations, garden works, etc.  You can rely on our team!

Our services before buying property in Sicily:
– selection of real estate by our own base;
– search of  real estate  with specific parametres according the client’s request;
– escorting of English speaking employee when viewing real estate;
– providing full information about real estate (description, photos, documents);
– object verification, incl. obtaining a certificate of burdensome loans absence, mortgages, verification of the owner, assessment  of the proposed transaction legality;
– an organization of consultation with a notary, lawyer, technician;
– preparation and organization of the transaction ( purchase offer, preliminary contract, contract of sale;
– translation services;
– assistance in obtaining a tax code ( bank account opening etc).
Assistance in negotiating with seller or other real estate agencies:
– Assistance in negotiating with other real estate agencies or with a seller.
The amount of commission for you does not change;
– assistance in obtaining information from the seller or real estate agency (photo, description, location, etc.).
If you found a house in Sicily on another site, but for any reason you cannot get information from the seller or real estate agency (photo, description, location, etc.), contact us and within 48 hours we will send accurate information about the house , as well as additional similar options.
Our services after real estate purchase:
– assistance in house improvement: repair,  furniture purchase, various types  of construction works , landscape works, all services for swimming pool;
– installation of alarm and video surveillance;
– control over timely payment of utility bills, taxes;
– care of the house when the owner is away;
–  property rent;
– obtaining a residence permit;
– urgent repair work (every day and 24 hours).
We can always ask for advice or help. Write us or call us.
Within 24 hours you will receive an answer to any question you are interested in. 
Thanks for attention!
We are waiting for you in Sicily!