As far as everyone is approaching their favorite holidays, we’ve decided to talk a little about how they are celebrated in Italy. On New Year’s Eve in all the cities of the country the traditional bustle begins: everyone runs to the shops to buy gifts for relatives and friends, houses and streets are decorated. Christmas markets are held in the center of each city. Everyone lives in expectation of a miracle, both adults and children.

Throughout Europe, Christmas is mainly celebrated, which falls on the night of December 24 to 25, and the New Year is no longer celebrated on such a grand scale. An important element of Christmas decorations is the nativity scene. On the streets in the shop windows  you can see the most beautiful dramas  of Christ’s birth and the Magi’s appearance to Mary.
The most important event for the Sicilians is a Christmas dinner on December 25th, to which, as a rule, all relatives from other countries and cities are invited. A huge variety of dishes are served on the table, and pannetone for dessert. This is a typical dessert associated with the culinary traditions of Christmas and spread throughout Italy, as well as Argentina and Brazil.
Snow in Sicily is a rare occurrence. But on the top of Etna snow falls from September to May, a ski resort works on the slope, where both tourists and Italians go with pleasure to ride. Sea lovers can go to the many beaches in Sicily, sunbathe and even swim, because hot sun will warm you even in winter here.
So if you decide to spend the New Year holidays in Sicily, then you will not be disappointed!