Italy is a country of deep cultural heritage. 51 Italian cities were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But the main role is not played by the number of these cities, but by the quality of the cultural heritage: the harmony between the natural landscape and the city, historical and cultural values.
Normally these cities are located in the countryside, on the hills, or in the mountains and are the result of the centuries-old heritage of civilization. At the same time, real estate in these places, both private and state-owned, is sufficiently abandoned, but it should not be considered a burden to be removed but as a resource for cultural development. That is why, in order to preserve the historical and cultural identity of Italy, some municipalities decided to revive small abandoned centers or revive them.
So a house for 1 euro – it’s true! But do not rush to rejoice, because we are talking about dilapidated or unsafe buildings that need major repairs. The buildings are sold by municipalities for a symbolic amount of 1 euro. Naturally, there are obligations that are imposed on the “happy” buyer:
– pay notary fees for registration.
– to make a reconstruction project, necessary permits, within 365 days from the date of purchase (approximately 15-20 thousand euros).
– enter the house in the cadastral registry
–  to begin construction work within 2 months after obtaining a building permit, finish the work in  3 years a maximum.
– make a guarantee policy in the amount of 5 thousand euros for a three years period, which is then returned subject to compliance with all terms and conditions.
The “house for 1 euro” should be built from certain materials, taking into account the cultural and historical heritage, in order to preserve authenticity, in compliance with building codes. Capital repairs must be done by the construction company, and you are able, of course, to do the redecoration inside the house.
Summing up all the information, a house for 1 euro (about 50 m2) will cost at least 50 thousand euros!
The result: if you want to live in one of the most beautiful historical cities with a population of about 5 thousand people, contemplating the beautiful nature – this is a great offer! Who just wants to visit as a tourist these places can enjoy a glass of wine for 1 euro, smiling to a dream.