Villas on Sicily enjoy insane popularity among tourists every year. Excellent sand beaches, olive and citrus groves, sinking in the green of a valley, islands, magnificent mountains and active volcano Etna – the island’s amenities do not stop lurring and fascinating.
The Sicily’s shores are washed by three seas – Ionian, Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian. Thanks to three capes, the island has got triangular shape, for which it was called Trinacria by the Greeks. There are many architectural monuments on the island, most of them being ruins of amphitheaters. The island’s historical value and continuously growing demand sometimes makes the owners of villas on Sicily sell the real estate for unreasonably overestimated prices.
Our managers will help you evaluate property and buy any house in Sicily, keeping the ideal proportion of price and quality.

Process of buying a villa in Sicily

1. Primary research of real estate in Sicily in our database or real estate search with our partners, transaction fee for you does not change. Get all complete information about the homes that interest you most.
2. Organization of visits for selected properties. The discussion on the property chosen, negotiations with the seller for the purchase of property, conditions. Often, sellers make a significant discount to buyers who do not need a loan and immediately buy a house.
3. Signing of the preliminary contract between the seller and the buyer where you specify the method and time of payment, the full description of the property. The signing of this agreement you leave the initial fee (deposit) of 3-20% of the value of the property. You choose a notary.
From this moment the customer has the exclusive right to purchase this property and the property is removed from the sale.
4. The notary checks all documents and the seller within 10 working days, prepares a notarial deed of sale. If the buyer does not have a bank account in Italy, the buyer can transfer the remaining amount to the notary to the account, which in turn, after the seller and the buyer have signed the notarial deed of sale, transfers the money to the seller’s account. This is the most secure and proven payment method.

After buying a villa in Sicily, you will become part of this island.
Quiet rhythm of life, fresh food, sun and colorful nature will easily relieve you from stress. Buying a piece of heaven has become a reality. Having bought property in Sicily, you will fall in love with this island every day, delving into the Italian ”dolce vita” with all your heart.

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